The Wrong Bra: How Does It Affect Your Health

Finding the right size might be tricky. It should always fit! Why? Choosing the wrong bra can seriously affect your health.

The wrong bra can seriously affect your health. It should always fit your size. Not too small, and not too big either!

Finding the right size might be tricky but not impossible. Wearing the wrong bra size can be harmful in longterm future. Even the shape should fit your construct!

Viral Strange has listed 4 things that can happen to your body if you keep wearing the wrong bra.

1. Back, neck, and breast pain

The Wrong Bra

According to a study, the wrong bra size can cause many health issues, such as back pain, neck pain, or breast pain. It happens because of the unsupportive bra structure that leads to the wrong body posture.

2. Headache

When the bra is too small, it can cause extra pressure on the shoulders, which causes neck pain and unbearable headaches. Bra-fitting specialists say that correcting bra size helps get rid of the headache instantly.

3. Shoulder deformation

The Wrong Bra

The pressure can also cause a “bra strap defect,” which can hurt your shoulders. Studies say that wearing a smaller bra for too long can cause deformation.

4. Skin issues

On the other hand, bras that are too big do not provide the support needed. That can cause skin damage. According to studies, the skin stretches in the upper area of the breasts because of gravity-induced breast deformation.


The Wrong Bra

This metod helps for measuring your breast size. All you need to know are 2 parameters: band and cups.

• Measure under your breasts, around your rib cage, to find your band size. Round it to the nearest even number.
• Measure around your breasts to find your cup size. Subtract the cup result from the band result. Each represents a cup size. For example, 1 inch can be an A cup, 2 inches can be a B cup, etc.

PS: Bra sizes can also vary depending on the brand.

Do your bras always fit you? How do you measure the exact size? If you have any tips for our girls, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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