Selena Gomez Looks Sultry In An Unbuttoned Shirt Dress Revealing Her Busty Assets & Complimenting It With Long Black Boots That Are Making Us Scream “Step On Me”

Selena Gomez put on a sultry show with her latest Instagram posts & her admirers are surely having a great day after seeing it.

Selena Gomez is reportedly all set to become a billionaire by the end of this year, and she surely is dressing up like one sassy boss babe; at least, that’s what her latest mirror selfie is saying, or should we say slaying! The Rare Beauty founder recently turned 31, and she has been popping eyeballs left, right, and centre with her style quotient, be it her birthday party or the VMAs event, she is the talk of the town at the moment all the more because of her latest song release.

Selena has been in the news quite a lot this year, starting with the shading by Kylie Jenner and the online feud between her fans and of Hailey Bieber‘s. It took a really ugly turn as Hailey reportedly got death threats from Selenators, and she had to ask for her help to stop it all. Anyway, the feud only benefitted the Calm Down singer as she became the most followed woman on Instagram with over 400 Million followers.

Selena Gomez once again mesmerised us with her new post via Instagram story, where she dressed to slay her followers. The singer/actress could be seen donning a classic white button-down shirt dress tight around the waist while sleeves were loose in a baggy style. She increased the style quotient of the look by pairing the outfit with thigh-high black leather boots with pointy heels. The actress sat on the edge of a bed while taking a full-length selfie of herself using the mirror.

Selena Gomez kept her look very classy and poignant with her hair stark straight and middle-parted that fell on her back away from the face and cleav*ge showing dress. She put on a full coverage foundation with blushed cheeks and brown shades as eyeshadow along with brown lipstick, keeping it very subtle on the makeup part.

For accessories, Selena put on her gold chain; honestly white shirt and gold necklace are an all-time classy combination! Gomez paired her outfit with hooped earrings, and that’s all. She also had n*de nail paint on her well-groomed and manicured nails. In another closeup selfie of the singer, her n*de glossy lips were clearly visible along with her glowy peachy-blushed cheeks.

The last IG story of Selena Gomez shows her applying makeup while her BFF Nicola Peltz Beckham took a pic of her, and the food and drinks in the background suggest they were out for dinner; here, check it out:

The picture was initially posted by Nicola, where she tagged Selena Gomez and wrote on it, “Most beautiful inside and out”.

Sel is known for her humble and loving nature and is loved worldwide unmeasurably by her fans.

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